About the Disaster Behavioral Health Project

The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services contracts with the University of Nebraska Public Policy Center to coordinate planning and workforce development activities in support of the Nebraska All-Hazards Disaster Behavioral Health Response and Recovery Plan.  This includes fostering links that ensure mental health and substance abuse resources are available within public health systems, healthcare networks, emergency management, and first responder groups. Community groups, faith groups, public and private entities, and key responders from across the State are collaborating with the Public Policy Center in this endeavor.

Disaster behavioral health planning activities are guided by a stakeholder group representing diverse interests and geographic areas within Nebraska. The state planning process serves as a model for regional planning activities, currently underway in each of the six behavioral health regions in Nebraska. 

Nebraska’s disaster behavioral health workforce consists of both licensed professionals and indigenous workers who have completed Nebraska’s psychological first aid training. These volunteers are organized by behavioral health regions. Nebraska also maintains a cadre of state employees ready for deployment as Nebraska’s Behavioral Health Emergency Response Team. The Nebraska Risk Communication Cadre augments preparedness activities by linking State Public Information Officers with mental health professionals.

All of these activities are coordinated by the Public Policy Center in partnership with the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services. Visit our website for more information about the Public Policy Center http://ppc.nebraska.edu

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Our Partners

Center for Preparedness Education
Nebraska DHHS Division of Behavioral Health
Nebraska DHHS Division of Public Health
Nebraska Emergency Management Agency

University of Nebraska Public Policy Center