Nebraska’s Responder Peer-to-Peer  Resilience Training Curriculum
The goal of this program is to prepare emergency response personnel to foster resilience in their peers prior to a critical event or disaster. It is designed to be delivered before an event to build resilience and support within their organizations.

Click here to review a June 4, 2018 webinar about the Peer-to-Peer Resiliency Curriculum.

The curriculum is segmented in to nine modules addressing critical skills that can increase personal resiliency. The tenth module prepares peers to return to their work setting and share these skills with other responders.

NE Peer to Peer Resilience Training Guide
Intro to Peer to Peer Resiliency
Module 1 Resilience and stress
Module 2 Increasing resiliency
Module 3 Healthy social connections
Module 4 Communication under stress
Module 5 Self-help
Module 6 Disasters and mass casualty
Module 7 Self-talk
Module 8 Relaxation
Module 9 Peer support
Module 10 Delivering the message