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Behavioral Health Guidelines for Shelter-in-Place and Evacuation of Assisted Living and Long-term Care Facilities – This document provides information and sample protocols to help facilities meet behavioral health needs of residents, their families and facility personnel in the event of a disaster or other emergency. (2014)

Disaster Mental Health (2012)

Psychological First Aid Field Operations Guide for Nursing Homes (2008)

Ask the Field, The Dialogue, (Summer 2007)
This issue of the SAMHSA sponsored quarterly technical assistance bulletin has an article featuring PPC Project Director Denise Bulling where she answers the question: How can disaster behavioral health responders at the State and local levels use the techniques and tools of the Incident Command System (ICS) to target their response to and preparedness for disaster to work within the overall disaster response structure?

Nebraska Behavioral Health Guidelines for Medical Isolation (March 2007):
These guidelines were created to assist Nebraska hospitals in meeting the behavioral health needs of patients who are subject to in-patient isolation precautions. It provides background information related to stress and isolation precautions and guidelines for providing services to patients in isolation, their families, staff, and the community. The appendices include a template policy that can be adapted to meet the specific requirements of Nebraska hospitals and resources for use within hospital settings.

Responding to the Storm: Exploring the Psychological Support of Emergency Responders. (October 2006):
A report submitted to the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department, Lincoln Metropolitan Medical Response System and Lancaster County Emergency Management.

The "Dance of Disaster" (September 2006):
Caroline Walles on Disaster Chaplains who provide Spirtual First Aid. Published in Plainviews, the e-Newsletter for chaplains and others Vol. 3 No. 16.

Nebraska Behavioral Health Situation Manual - Avian Influenza (July 2006):
This situation manual is designed to test the organized behavioral health response to disaster via a formal tabletop exercise and includes a hypothetical situation in which avian influenza has been detected in poultry. The manual was used by Nebraska in July 2006 to test regional behavioral health plans in coordination with regional disaster chaplains, local public health districts, and the State Department of Agriculture.

Cleaning Up After The Storm: Lessons Learned From The Experiences Of Disaster Volunteers After The May 2004 Storms In Southeast Nebraska (January 2006):
A report submitted to the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department, Lincoln Metropolitan Medical Response System and Lancaster County Emergency Management.

SAMHSA Nebraska Final Report on Disaster Response Capacity Expansion Grant (January 2006)

Responding To Katrina: A Mental Health Guide To Providing Culturally Competent Mental Health Services To Evacuees And Their Support Systems (2006)

Nebraska Hospital Preparedness for Psychological Consequences of Public Health Emergencies: Survey Results Summary (2004 December):
The University of Nebraska Public Policy Center surveyed hospitals across Nebraska to evaluate behavioral health readiness in the event of a disaster, act of terrorism (including bioterrorism) or other mass-casualty incident. The survey also asked about hospitals' ability to effectively coordinate with other emergency service providers, such as law enforcement, in the event of a critical incident.